Log Search & QSL Info


QSL Info

Please use the OQRS system on  Clublog.

For direct requests, this saves us both time and money. You only need to cover postage costs from ZL to your country.

For buro requests, OQRS means you don’t need to send me a card. This will save us both time and you’ll get your card far quicker. Just type the call sign into the first box and your call into the second box.







You can check to see if you’re in the log or request a verification by using the links above. They are updated around the start of each month so don’t despair if we’ve recently QSO’d and you’re not in there!

QSL Info

I don’t automatically QSL every QSO, so if you want a card, you can request one using the Online QSL Request form (see above) or send me an e-mail.

All QSOs are uploaded to Clublog and Logbook Of The World.

QSL Route:

#1 Via buro = reply via buro

#2 Direct with RP = direct reply

#3 Direct with no RP = reply via buro

RP either 1 x IRC, 1 x US dollar or NZ$2 mint stamps.


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