Waianakarua is a rural area 20km South of Oamaru and 7km from the East Coast. In late 1981, my Dad, brothers and I built a holiday cabin on family land. In May 1982, I strung up a Beverage antenna and discovered Waianakarua to be a magic place for medium and shortwave DX!

When I went HF in 2003, I thought that one day I would set up some ham antennas at Waianakarua. Well, that didn’t happen till 2011 when aerials started appearing. Firstly an old tower with a 1/4 wave ground plane for 80m and inverted L for 160mb. Sadly, it didn’t stand a chance against 140kmh winds and buckled over. During this time, with the help of Ken ZL4NR, a YU7EF 6m antenna made from old low-band TV aerials was added, along with a 40mb ground plane 3m up with sloping radial wires,

To get an aerial up for 160/80mb, I installed an 18m Spiderbeam pole, with a 20m wire as an 80m 1/4 wave radiator wound around it (approx 5 turns per section) and another 20m wire with 3 x 15m drooping radials at the 15m mark to resonate it on 160m. Then I’ve started running out the first of 36 20m ground radials. The ones around the grass where the cabin sits are buried, the rest are running along the surface and held in place with aluminium pegs fashioned from old TV antennas. So far, 27 are in place with the remaining 9 set to be in place by the end of March. Then I’ll add some 40m wires (8 or more) for 160mb. I’ll experiment with switching/feeding arrangements so the two wires will live happily together.

Here’s the design kindly made available by SM0MDG:


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