Useful Stuff


DX Summit – great cluster, spots in real time and user-defineable

NIS Time – set your PC to WWV!
MixW2 – digital modes (RTTY, PACTOR, SSTV, PSK31 etc)
DX Atlas – Greylines, signal paths, sunrise/sunset, prefixes, grid locators and more
W6ELProp – excellent propagation tool
Space Weather – real-time A and K index, solar flux, auroras etc
Contest Calendar – plan your contesting well in advance
QSL Info – managers, addresses etc
Trade Me Amateur Auctions – just the place to find your equipment
eQSL – an alternative to traditional QSLing
QRZ – find info about other hams
Beacons – ham radio beacons around the World
Converter – online converter for distance, weight etc
Equipment Reviews – everything you need in the shack
IOTA – great resource for Islands On The Air chasers
RF Cafe – all the links you’ll ever need
QSL Cards – getting started tips
ON4SKY – excellent beginners guide
Discovering the Magic of HF Radio – a PDF beginners guide


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