CQ Africa


It is just as hard for African stations to work New Zealand as it is for ZLs to work Africa!


Many African stations beam North and are eagerly sought after by European and Asian hams in particular. This also makes it much more difficult for ZLs to work you. So it is worthwhile to use short path, i.e. beam South over the Antarctica. 


If you’re located on “the dark continent” and would like to have a pile-up from “down-under”, please contact me.

I will coordinate requests and alert DXers in ZL once a sked has been set, via  the Kiwi DX Group reflector.


Propagation from Africa to New Zealand over the South Pole varies immensely with location in Africa, time of year, solar indices etc…

Best times tend to be around sunrise in Africa and sunset in New Zealand. There is also a sweet spot around 2300 – 0100z on the 20mb.

Southern Africans on 40 and 80mb tend to peak around our sunrise around September and March and around 0430z in June & July.


We recommend using W6EL’s excellent program or Ham Cap, both excellent propagation tools. Both of which we will use along with previous experience coupled with gut-feeling, to advise the best times for required bands.

You can download W6EL’s propagation tool and Ham Cap then obtain the K index, solar flux and SSN (smoothed sunspot number) indicies at QSL.net’s excellent propagation page and the Kp (planetary K index) from the Lund Space Weather Center .


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