Kosovo’s Final Recognition Imminent?


In the strange world of international recognition and what constitutes a country and what doesn’t, Kosovo is fiercely proclaiming independence. Yet the power of veto is being wielded by UN Security Council members China and Russia so a unilateral independence has not yet occurred.

This means Kosovo cannot be counted as a country in ARRL’s DXCC list and many other radio entity club lists either. However, the European DX Foundation is backing its acceptance.

International Amateur Radio Association President Hans Blondeel Timmerman (PB2T) has posted this item of the European DX Foundation’s website.

Kosovo hams used the YU8 call-sign prefix when still part of Serbia and have since been issued with Z6 when independence was proclaimed.

Wikipedia has a contribution on Kosovo’s convoluted political status. Also on Wikipedia is a list of other areas that claim sovereignty but lack full UN support.


Map of international recognition of the Kosovo...
Map of international recognition of the Kosovo’s indepdencence (work in progress). See legend below for color meanings and see Talk:International reaction to the 2008 Kosovo declaration of independence for justification. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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