KVOH Voice of Hope reactived


KVOH / Voice of Hope, Los Angeles is being reactivated this summer.  Currently the station is conducting a series of engineering test transmissions on 17775 kHz.  The next scheduled test will be this Saturday, June 29th, for two hours from 1900-2100 hrs UTC.  The power used will be 50kW, primarily targeted at Cuba, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, but the signal should also be heard over a wide area of the U.S.A. (East of the Rockies).  There’s even a slim chance it might be heard in Western Europe before local sunset.

The test program will be bilingual, with announcements in both English and Spanish.  Reception reports will be very much appreciated to the mail and/or email addresses given in the broadcast.  All will be verified by means of a new printed QSL card.  Since the Voice of Hope is a non-for-profit ministry, return U.S. postage would also be appreciated where possible.

via Shortwave DX-ing from Bulgaria: KVOH Voice of Hope reactived.


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