German Station On New Shortwave Frequency

German station Hamburger Lokalradio has a weekly broadcast on shortwave, now  on a frequency and time that may be audible in New Zealand. This via Tom Taylor on Cumbre DX. Scroll to the bottom of their German language web-page and you’ll find an English translation.

Hamburger Lokalradio Test broadcast on 15785 KHz

Hamburger Lokalradio will be making some test broadcasts via the transmitter of MV Baltic Radio in the 19m- band.

The first test broadcast will run on the 30th of June at the following times.

Sunday 30th of June 2013 on 15785 KHz:

06.00-08.00 UTC

10.00-12.00 UTC

14.00-16.00 UTC

18.00-20.00 UTC

More Test Transmissions will following in the weeks to come!

Good Listening!



Ed: MV Baltic Radio broadcasts on 6140 kHz in the 49 m European and 9480kHz in the 31m short wave band every 1st Sunday (0900 UTC) of a month. These transmissions should be audible in New Zealand in the summer months.


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